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1519 Hinman #5C – By Candace Kuzmarski: There are a handful of very talented Realtors around the country, that I feature on PFRE, that shoot their own video and do a superb job. Candace in Evanston, IL is one of those Realtors. She not only does a great job of shooting her own stills and video but with the help of her college-age son she designed and constructed a world-class tour format that she uses to market all her listings.
This piece is put together beautifully and in several places, she uses a split-screen. I must say Candace is doing a world-class job of marketing for her listings… it doesn’t get much better than this!
Great job Candace! — featured on

Candace Kuzmarksi is the definition of a phenomenal real estate agent and a real go-getter. You want this person in your corner when buying or selling a home. We met her randomly at an open house when relocating from Ann Arbor in 2000. She sent us digital pix of houses and did virtual showings back then. We were so impressed with her drive that we switched to her as an agent. She helped us find and purchase our home in Evanston (from afar). In the spring of 2010, she helped us buy a new home in Skokie and sell our Evanston home. She had several agents in to help price; had terrific advice for us; created a website and glossy marketing materials and our home sold in 10 days (15 showings and 30+ people at the open house). She is amazing at the back and forth in negotiating offers and has an exceptional sense of the market. We would recommend her to anyone and she will always be the first person we call in real estate.

Candace won me over the moment she walked in the door. She was there on the dot. Puncutal to me means someone is serious about an appointment. She was most patient with me. She understood my timeline. She knows her “stuff” and how to handle an offer and negotiate. She was available. I followed her instructions. She knows I was praying about this endeavor as I do not hesitate to tell anyone who is in control of everything that pertains to me. I can only say superlative things about this lady. When she left after the initial meeting I told her she was batting a thousand. I am so grateful for the job she did. The photography for the Internet and the brochure were outstanding and showed the house at its best. She is well experienced and it shows!

I have been dealing with Candace for more than a decade. She is a true professional. From the first home that I purchased to the last rental property that I sold, I have found her advice to be spot on. She was my mentor in getting started in investment real estate, and I have only made money. Even in the post 2008 market, she has continued to find me good deals, and, more importantly, steer me clear of the bad ones. I would recommend her to anyone.
Rich H.

We recommend Candace highly and without reservation. As the previous reviewer stated, she is a very knowledgable and attentive agent. Additionally, her knowledge of home renovation, structural integrity and her referral base of local service providers (i.e. mason, electrician, air conditioning, home inspector) was instrumental in making our purchase of an older home that needed a little work.

Candace Kuzmarski was an excellent agent for us. She is not only professional, and very experienced in all aspects of selling and buying real estate, but she also is a no-nonsense, hard-working and dedicated person in all that she does. She worked very hard to sell our home in a difficult market and communicated regularly to inform and advise us. If we had any doubts in the beginning, they were replaced with trust because she truly knows what she’s doing and she knows what will sell and how to negotiate in your favor. She also helped us buy our new home and understands all the details involved at a master level. We were very happy with her and have recommended her to our friends and recommend her to you.

We used Candace to sell our condo in Lakeview, which we never thought we could do quickly. She was at our condo a day or two later with info on neighborhood comps and recommendations on how to price, improve and stage our condo. We made a few quick improvements, as recommended, and she was immediately back to take photographs of our home. Later that night, we received a link to the webpage dedicated to our condo which included BEAUTIFUL pictures (our condo looked awesome!), a floor plan (created by Candace), and highlights of the neighborhood. We sold in a month – largely due to Candace’s expertise, which we followed to the letter. Because we sold so quickly, we were able to look for a house sooner than we expected. Obviously, we used Candace again and we are now living in our dream home in Andersonville. Candace truly knows what she is doing. Choose her and listen to her and you will be rewarded!

I recently worked with Candace in both selling and buying a home in Evanston. She marketed our property beautifully, the photography and descriptions were very professional. Candace is highly responsive, and really an expert in her field. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her! Julie G.
Julie G.

I definitely recommend Candace to anyone who wants an efficient buy/sell experience and a helpful partner to confidently make one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. Candace is an incredible agent who helped us first buy and then later also sell. In our buy, we provide a shortlist of what we were looking for and had a quick call before Candace spent the whole day showing us places that were exactly what we wanted. She made did her homework (we thought *we* were organized and she was way ahead of us), she made it fun, and she seemed sincerely interested in making sure we got a great place at the best deal possible. I especially appreciate that Candace showed us a few places just above and just below our limits ($) so we knew what we were missing too. She is a total professional and a nice person to work with. When it came time then to sell, we were unquestionably enthusiastic to engage Candace again. She works hard for and provides a great service to her customers.
Tammie P.

We have worked with Candace for all our transactions in Evanston (purchase of a townhome, sale of that townhome a few years later, and finally, purchase of a single-family home). For the sale, the photos of our townhome and the related marketing materials were beautiful and very helpful for selling our property in a difficult market. When looking for our single-family home, Candace’s experience with home renovation gave us great insight into the older homes we were viewing. We ended up with a home that we absolutely love, in part due to her suggestions and recommendations.

Candace has sold two homes for us and helped us buy another. She is an extremely educated and helpful real estate agent. I would (and have) recommend her to any of my friends and family. Thanks for all your help Candace, you really went above and beyond!

Dear Candace,
We haven’t seen you in a while! Well, this is a note just saying hello, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving – this is also a note to say thanks to both you and your husband for being such great landlords. We hope your Turkey Day was swell and that y’all are having a great holiday season!
Hiro (and the rest of the crew at 1914 Asbury Apartment One)

Thanks for all of your work and advice. I wish you made more off of this than the quarter that you do. You do a great job and we appreciate everything about the way you do business!

“Dear Candace –
Mark and I would like to extend a heartfelt “thank you” for all
your help in buying our first home. We really couldn’t have
done it if you weren’t going the extra mile for us every step of
the way. And in the process, we learned a lot and had a great time!
We enjoyed every minute of working with you, and we will surely
recommend your services. In fact, we’ve already done so!
Thanks again.”
L & M

I just want to say it was a pleasure working with you
and I hope to be able to work with you again in the future!
Take Care, Nicole

Great job Candace!
We appreciate all of your hard work and advice in real estate, as well
as having you and Ed as friends. Thanks again.
R Herrick.

“Where to begin? You’ve been with us from start to finish,
You picked us up when we were down, you guided us when
we lost direction, offering your knowledge, your expertise
but above all your spirit. Your sense of humor and your
energy were a real gift to us. Thank you, thanks just doesn’t
express the depth of our sincere appreciation for your being
there – & at times when Ed & the kids wished you were with
them, I’m sure!
– A & Y

“Dear Candace,
Thank you for selling my listing. It was a pleasure working with you
and I must compliment you on your professionalism. I will
look forward to working with you again., and would also welcome
you to our office if a change of companies ever becomes a part
of your plans – I’ll give you a call and see if we can get you
that vacation you need!
Thanks again.”
Steve – B & W

Wanted to say it was nice working with you. Hopefully,
we’ll run into one another on another deal!
Prudential Rubloff Properties

“Dear Candace
Thank you for your hard work & determination to find us
a house. We are so happy in our new home. You wouldn’t even
recognize it…..we’ve painted the living room, dining room,
bedroom & this coming weekend we will paint the foyer &
stairway. I still can’t believe it’s ours. Thanks for making our
dream home come true. Please stop by anytime.”
– Amy & Chris

Dear Candace
It has been so wonderful working with you these past few months.
I can hardly believe the time is almost up! See you soon.
love, Kat & Adam

“Thanks so much,
for all your hard work & enthusiasm through this whole ordeal!
We can’t wait to move to Elmwood & we hope the couple
who move here can love our house as much as we have.
– T.M.

“Dear Candace
Thank you for everything
that you did for us in the sale of Margate. We deeply appreciate
all your hard work.
John & Sharon Rae

“Dear Candace
Thanks for helping us find our very first ‘only ours’ nest!
The whole experience of looking — imagining, traveling, phone
calls, praying, waiting — has been an education – and fun
besides. You’ve been a BIG part of that; just the right realtor for us,
somehow. We think you’re perfect for your job; energetic,
available, prompt, kind and compassionate, knowledgeable, encouraging.
It’s felt like you’ve really ‘gone the second mile’ often.
Thank you thank you thank you! You’re great.”
J & N

Thank you SO MUCH for all your
help to bring us to our new house! You will certainly always have
a special place in our hearts for all
that you have done for us. Happy Holidays,”
Randy & Kari

“Dear Candace,
Todd and I wanted to thank you for keeping us from giving up on our
search, for working so hard for us, and for helping us
find a home we love!
Liz & Todd

We can not thank you enough for all your thoughtfulness and
hard work over the last few months. You are very
good at what you do, as well as a sincere friend to
both me and Greg. We wish you & your family the very best!
Julia & Greg

“Dear Candace,
Thank you so much for your help and your friendship!
We will miss you, but we’ll keep in touch. I’m sure I’ll need a quote
or two from a Realtor for up-and-coming articles. Good luck to you!
Mark & Rosemarie

“Dear Candace,
Greetings! I just wanted to let you know how much I have
appreciated all of the generous support and expertise you have
provided me over the past year, especially these last four months
of searching. Your extensive experience and good cheer contributed
enormously to my ability to search for and actually purchase a condo.
At times I did not think I could do it, but thank you … and my family knew I could! Needless to say, I am very happy with my new place.
Best Wishes,”

“Dear Candace,

Thanks for your great advice throughout the buying process.
We’re happy with our new home and even happier with the referrals you
gave us. We hope to get a great deal of work done in the next few months –
you’ll have to come to visit and see the change!
Thanks again.”
Linda, Chris and Gina

“Dear Candace,
Hard to believe we’ve been in our home for almost 9 years!
We continue to be grateful for this house, the yard & garage –
and for your patient, sensitive help finding it for us! It is a wonderful,
expandable space…but not too big! Hope all is well with you and
your family –

Skip and I wanted to especially thank you for all your help
as our Realtor in finding our new (first) condo! The process
was smooth and you were able to answer any and all of our questions.
We greatly appreciated your time and availability to us in the
the quick turnaround we had buying.
Thanks again-“
Amy and Skip

Dear Candace,
We are so grateful
for all your care, hard work and going
“above and beyond” in the selling and buying of our homes. We will always treasure your friendship!
Mary Joan & Steve